The Bungee Book

written by Tobie on May 14th, 2007 @ 03:03 AM

The Bungee Book cover

Christophe Proteneuve, one of my fellow Prototype Core Team, member, just published the first Beta Book of Prototype and - You never knew JavaScript could do this! over at the Pragmatic Programmers. (You can read more about the whole beta book concept on their website).

Affectionately dubbed “The Bungee Book” by Sam Stephenson–the master mind behind Prototype–Christophe’s upcoming title is sure to become the reference for Prototype and developers across the world.

I’ve had the chance to read through the first beta and all I can say is that you’d be just plain stupid not to grab a copy now: It’s thorough, extremely well documented (no wonder, Christophe wrote his share of the docs, trust me!) and witty.

Not only does Christophe know Prototype and inside-out, he’s also very much in touch with both of their communities and it shows: there’s stuff for everyone in there, from the beginner (some solid JavaScript basis strongly suggested, though) to the seasoned pro ready to start contributing code.

Check it out, you won’t regret it!


  • I’ve just bought my copy of Prototype and Scriptaculous in Action and no doubt I’ll end up getting a copy of the Bungee book as well.

    Its great that prototype is getting so much attention/documentation…but its going to end up costing my a fortune ;)

    Mon, May 14 at 06:49 AM

  • I’d looked at the beta book before but was a little put off by the postage ($13 to the UK) but actually with the current rate of exchange (GBP/USD) it’s about the same for the beta pdf + book + postage, as it would be for the book alone of Amazon…which isn’t too shabby :)

    Its definitely a good idea, I know they say that the layout etc isn’t done until just before publishing…but come on its a tech book – who buys them for the eye candy anyway?

    Mon, May 14 at 09:36 AM

  • Heh they are definitely selling themselves short. The way I understood it from the beta book faq was that it was going to be pretty much unstyled (I’ve seen the way copy arrives at our studio before it is styled for publication, it ain’t pretty, I was thinking somewhere just beyond that, how wrong I was!)

    The copy is top notch as well, I really enjoyed that chapter and who doesn’t feel empathy with “This is the kind of question you start asking yourself, and a few months later your loved ones will find you drooling and babbling in tongues, all rolled up in a fetal position in a dark corner under your desk.”

    Mon, May 14 at 10:20 AM

  • Casey Watson
    Casey Watson says:

    The book looks like it has a lot of good info. I am excited to read it and apply some of the concepts.

    Tue, May 15 at 00:47 AM

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