Prototype 1.5.1 release candidate 3

written by Tobie on April 24th, 2007 @ 04:10 AM

We've just released Prototype 1.5.1_rc3, here's what's new since release candidate 2:

Bug fixes

  • Element.addMethods now also again adds the methods to Element. [#7888]
  • Form.request also works with forms containing an input element with name="action". [#8063]
  • Safari no longer crashes on String#stripScripts and extractScripts with large <script>.
  • Form.disable works again on non-form elements. [#6887]
  • String#endsWith now always returns the correct value. [#7822]
  • Ajax responses with no Content-type header are no longer evaluated. [#7827]
  • Hash#toQueryString again serializes undefined values to ensure consitency with String#toQueryParams. [#7806]
  • Various fixes of the $$() utility. [#7873], [#7901]


  • Ajax.Requests now supports per-request onCreate callbacks. [#8011]
  • JSON strings are automatically stripped of their security delimiters (if present) before eval. More details on this security issue here (PDF document). [#7910]
  • all toJSON methods now generate YAML-loadable JSON. [#7883]
  • Event.element now returns an extended element. [#7870]
  • Linefeed normalisation is now prevented in IE on String#escapeHTML and String#unescapeHTML for consistency with other browsers.
  • Added a new Element.childElements method (shorter alias of Element.immediateDescendants).
  • Added a new Element.firstDescendant method (same as using Element.down with no arguments).


  • Faster $$() utility and Element.getElemementsBySelector method. [#7873], [#7901]
  • Optimized, Element.down, Element.up and Element.previous DOM methods. [#7848]
  • Speed improvements of String#escapeHTML and String#unescapeHTML in IE and Safari.

You can also view the full changelog to see all of what has been improved since version 1.5.0.

If all goes well, this will be the last release candidate before 1.5.1 final, so we're counting on everyone's zealous testing and bug reporting.

Go download it now!


  • Cold Flame
    Cold Flame says:

    hi…Tobie can i ask something about Prototype 1.5.1_rc3 ? is there something wrong at this part?


    sorry if my question sound like stupid,thx

    Sun, April 29 at 18:55 PM

  • BenB
    BenB says:

    Hi Tobie,

    I am just checking in to see if there is anything to report on the Prototype projects listing, specifically for plugins etc. that are made for use with Prototype. It would be really great for the community to see something like what jQuery has as far as a centralized listing.


    Tue, May 08 at 23:34 PM

  • BenB
    BenB says:


    Thanks for the update. If you need help with it or something of that nature – I would be more than willing to help. Granted, I do not know all that is involved to compile it – but I would be willing.

    Further, it seems there are opportunities for at least setting up a site/doc specific search using even something like Google to make going through the docs easier and such. I would just really like to see Prototype appear a little more organized and have a one stop place to find things needed. I know this is not the first time you have heard it, so as someone that really enjoys Prototype, I just wish there was more that could be done on that front. People I know are automatically gravitating towards Mootools, jQuery and YUI just for the doc and centralized nature – rather than on any actual merits beyond that.


    Fri, May 11 at 11:42 AM

  • BenB
    BenB says:

    I don’t want to beleaguer the point but it was not my intention to say the documentation is bad or poor – at all. It is a huge improvement, and I am very happy with it. The quality of it is great.

    I simply mean the things that the other frameworks have such as searchability of the docs, listings of usable code plugins that others have made (in one place).. as I had written about prior to this and as has been discussed elsewhere. Which is to say it would be great to have the site be the one stop shop that other frameworks have (not dealing with technical philosophies). As has been discussed elsewhere, having a discussion forum, plugin listings (such as that you are compiling) and things like doc search only help Prototype by making it not only possible for people to ask questions, find code, read/search docs, but also shows a level of professionalism that makes people feel like they can count on a framework.

    It is not dramatic to say that it saves people time and makes Prototype look more professional to have a centralized source. All of which helps promote the greatness of the framework and for which other frameworks have a leg up right now. When attempting to go from the technical few to larger numbers or into mid-sized to large companies, forums, doc search, plugin listings etc. all help and put people at ease as well as save people time. It helps take it from a hobby or technical few framework into a larger used one.


    Mon, May 14 at 13:42 PM

  • BenB
    BenB says:

    I have, and it seems that my desire to see Prototype continue to grow is being taken as harsh rather than constructive criticism. As a person that chooses to use Prototype and am familiar with the survey you cite – I think with all due respect, to say that Prototype is a mass product is also far fetched.

    Yes, some companies use it, as do others with other frameworks. The only point I am making is that having those additional elements in place will help expand usage from today where this sort of framework use cannot be considered mass use. The complex tasks frameworks like Prototype enable are still in its infancy for usage on a large scale. You cannot argue that more people do AJAX or Prototype style development compared to traditional development. That is where the numbers of mass and the ability to grab people comes from. To get the real tech advanced users to choose Prototype over something like Microsoft’s AJAX framework, or the others I have cited.

    Prototype is great, but if these sorts of things are not added, people will move to other frameworks either because they are easier to work with (more searchable docs, centralized comunity, easily found resources etc.) or they will be mandated to because the people doing the mandating feel warm and fuzzy from said things. Prototype can be leading the pack right now and end up with less than a fractional share as the market size grows.

    Wed, May 16 at 15:30 PM

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