Remember: copywriting is interface design

written by Tobie on November 1st, 2007 @ 06:34 PM

I had a pretty tragic laptop incident last week, and I am still migrating data from my old, severely damaged hard drive to my new laptop.

Wanted to check back into my Flickr account today - which I had created a while ago via my Yahoo! account (or so I thought). Anyway, I probably either couldn’t find the right password or the right login, and ended up facing this rather contradictory injunction:

Flickr login screenshot

Should it be different… or can it be different (implying it definitely could be identical).

Remember: copywriting is interface design!


  • Alex
    Alex says:

    that’s strange… I’ve made a Flickr account today. and my yahoo id is identical to the screen name.

    Mon, December 03 at 10:57 AM

  • dittsche
    dittsche says:

    awesome find. yahoo sillyness

    Sun, December 16 at 16:50 PM

  • nasty
    nasty says:

    brahahah. who in the world needs a yahoo account anyways?

    Thu, January 03 at 16:13 PM

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